2022 List of Endorsements and Supporters

2022 Updated Endorsements and Supporters

Annual State of the Wedding Industry Meeting

Join Lynn for the annual State of the Wedding Industry, presented by the Clark County Clerk’s Office to be held in the Florentine Ballroom  at the Tuscany Suites & Casino. Come learn about all the amazing things that are currently going on and what the Clerk’s Office has in store for us!

Event Registration

This year’s Speakers Include: 

  • Lynn Goya ; Clark County Clerk
  • Ramon Montez | LVCVA
  • Kell Messina | LVCVA
  • Aimee Stephens | PR Plus
  • Paul Ryu | JMPforce
  • Special Guest | Commissioner

Join us for a productive evening of education and fun!

  • Great Food, Drinks provided by Tuscany Suites & Casino
  • Networking Mixer to follow Presentation
  • Great Raffle Prizes with the proceeds going to help support Wedding Tourism in Las Vegas

Doors open at 5:30pm
Speakers to take the stage at 6pm

Event Location:
Tuscany Suites & Casino
255 East Flamingo Road
Las Vegas, NV 89169 

Thanks to the IATSE for your warm endorsement!

From the organization,

Dear Ms. Goya

I am pleased to notify you that you have received the endorsement of the
IATSE Local 720 for County Clerk in the 2022 Election.

I wish you the best of luck in your election.

Matt Kimball
Political Action Committee

As your Clark County Clerk, I will continue to work hard to deserve this endorsement and the endorsement of our community!

Thank you!

Lynn Goya, Clark County Clerk

Thank you Iron Workers of Nevada for your endorsement!

Good morning,

The Iron Workers are very happy to write this letter to announce your
endorsement. It is refreshing to see Nevadans who are not afraid to step
into the political arena and fight for the same core values as the Iron
Workers. Our union is committed to ensuring we workers have access to
fair wages, benefits and safe working conditions. This is what the
American dream is all about. Our endorsement is an act of good faith and
I want you to know you can count on us to help you win your election,
and ensure the right choices will be made for our Community.

Thank you very much, Iron Workers, for your warm endorsement! Serving our community as Clark County Clerk makes me feel I can contribute, as you do!

Lynn Goya, Clark County Clerk

SNV local 2022 (1)

Thanks to Plumbers, Pipefitters & Service Technicians Local 525 for your endorsement!


Thank you for participating in our endorsement process. We appreciated
your responses, and believe you share the values of our organization and
the members we represent.

Thank you for your service to the community and your support of Union
Members. We look forward to working with you as an elected

Greg Esposito
Jimmy Naughton
Plumbers, Pipefitters & Service Technicians Local 525
Political Action Committee

Thank you so much for your heartfelt endorsement! I will strive to deserve this, as I continue to serve as your Clark County Clerk!

Lynn Goya, Clark County Clerk

Love & Marriage in Clark County: 5 Million Marriages Strong!

Did You Know?

Want to be a part of 5 MILLION LOVE STORIES? It’s official! We hit 5 MILLION marriages this month! Our office strives to make the wedding experience as memorable as possible, encouraging visitors to come to our state to get married.

To share YOUR story, please click HERE!

Did You Know?

2/22/22 just passed, a day to remember for thousands of couples! Couples lined the blocks to claim this date as their wedding anniversary.

Our office worked around the clock to make sure as many couples as possible could have this special moment!

And Did You Know?

That I am once again running to be YOUR Clark County Clerk!

Do you want a fair and transparent government department? Do you think government should work FOR and WITH the community to ensure it is meeting YOUR needs? This is what I want to be allowed to continue doing for you!

I need your support and vote to continue providing the quality service and good government you deserve.


Thank you!

Lynn Marie Goya in the New York Times promoting Las Vegas Wedding tourism

“The Las Vegas Chapels are Open, and Waiting” — New York Times Business Section

While most other county clerks were closing their offices during the first months of COVID, Lynn Marie Goya and the wedding industry implemented strategies to keep couples safe while still allowing them the essential service of getting married. “Las Vegas weddings are open for business,” crowed the New York Times Sunday Business Section.

Las Vegas’ wedding industry has surged since County Clerk Lynn Marie Goya reopened the Marriage License Bureau in late April of 2020. When the office opened its doors after a six-week closure, couples were lined up around the block.

Yet, April 2021 had its busiest month in years, with nearly 8,000 licenses issued. In April of last year, officials gave out only 400, said Fox News. “As more and more people get vaccinated and are encouraged to travel again, we have just been bombarded. We are up over 2019 numbers which was already a really good year for us,” Lynn Goya, Clark County Clerk told KLAS News.

“”About 20% of the licenses we issue are to locals, and 80% are to tourists. Before COVID shut the international tourism down, of that 80% of tourists that come to Clark County to get married about 20 to 25% were international,” Lynn Goya, Clark County Clerk told Fox News. “Last year we only had 3% because obviously people aren’t traveling and they still aren’t traveling yet internationally.”

The $2.5 billion industry permeates the economy, Goya told NPR, supporting 18,000 jobs.

Couples flock to Las Vegas during pandemic wedding boom

Clark County Clerk Lynn Marie Goya said she thinks the pandemic may have changed how people look at being in a relationship.

“I think it made people re-evaluate what’s important to them,” Goya told US News. “One is the financial and health benefit aspect of getting married. But also, you know if something terrible happens to you, you have somebody you can trust and rely on. There’s a solidity that being single doesn’t offer.”