Clark County Expects To Issue 10,000th Same-Sex Marriage License Next Week

The “wedding capital of the world” is on the cusp of issuing its 10,000th marriage license to a same-sex couple, and local businesses want to make sure the ceremony to come will be a lavish celebration.

The Clark County Clerk’s Marriage License Bureau has received an abundance of gifts for the couple including a two-night stay at Mandalay Bay, free wedding photography from Frick Photo and offers for free ceremonies from a handful of local resorts and wedding chapels.

In all, more than 25 businesses have donated gifts. Most are members of the Las Vegas Wedding Chamber of Commerce.

“We thought it was a great opportunity to say ‘thank you for getting married with us’ and celebrate the ‘same love, same rights’ (movement),” chamber president Kristen LaBuda said. “Marriage equality is just an important value to us here.”

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EDITORIAL: County records

Las Vegas Review-Journal
November 29, 2016 – 8:00 pm

Public access to government documents is vital to the health of any free society. Barring some extraordinary circumstances — national security, for instance — accountability demands that such records be open and available to those who seek to review them.
Unfortunately, too many government agencies and bureaucrats reflexively take the opposite approach, withholding information until specifically ordered to provide it. That’s why Clark County Clerk Lynn Goya deserves a ton of credit for seeking to digitalize all of her office’s records to make it easier for members of the public to find them online.Read More.

Clark County Wants to Create Online Public Records Archive Going Back to 1909

Business proposals from reclusive billionaire Howard Hughes, candid photographs of alleged mob bosses, paperwork for plans to store nuclear waste at Yucca Mountain.

Those public records and more — the fabric of Clark County’s history — will be at the fingertips of anyone with a computer and internet access as an ongoing initiative by the county clerk’s office comes to fruition.

County Clerk Lynn Goya is on a mission to digitize every public record her office has in order to create an online archive of documents dating back to 1909, when Clark County was created by dividing Lincoln County.

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County Approves Lesser Amount for Wedding Promotion

County commissioners on Tuesday authorized money collected from the extra $14 per marriage license fee that began six months ago to be spent but at only a fraction of what the county clerk had sought.

Marriage licenses in the county increased by $14 last August to $77, for a special revenue fund set aside specifically for wedding tourism marketing. The amount collected reached $527,583 in January.

County Clerk Lynn Goya, whose office oversees marriages licenses and who persuaded the state Legislature to approve the special revenue fund, proposed a preliminary budget of $170,000 which included $30,000 for research consulting by a private firm and $40,000 for trade missions and attending trade shows.

Arizona Men Surprised to Find Their Vegas Wedding a Public Milestone

The Phoenix businessmen had planned to start the new year with a low-key Las Vegas wedding in one of the city’s small downtown chapels.

Little did they know the new chapter in their history would become a milestone in Las Vegas’ story as well.

Standing in line on New Year’s Eve to get their marriage license, the couple noticed an air of excitement start to hum in the marriage license bureau.

Then came the explanation: “Congratulations!” said a clerk.

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Las Vegas trade school gives grads an edge on wedding planning

A lavish new wedding exhibit greets guests at The International School of Hospitality in southeast Las Vegas, where crystals, roses and silk linens adorn a set of party-ready tables just past the main lobby.

The gleaming display is the latest installment by students and instructors inside TISOH’s new design lab, a space built in March where budding event planners experiment with tools of the trade such as room decor and lighting gear. Instructors last month adopted a luxury wedding theme for the lab in reaction to Clark County’s recent efforts to boost the region’s lucrative but weakening marriage industry.

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Las Vegas Embraces Niche Marketing for Same-Sex Marriage

Goodbye, bridal room.

Inside the wedding chapel at the Luxor, it’s now referred to as the “pamper room.” Gender-neutral paperwork and alternatives to the traditional bouquet and boutonniere accommodate same-sex couples ready to tie the knot.

The number of couples choosing to say “I do” at the resort is up about 10 percent this year, an increase the staff attributes to same-sex weddings, according to MGM Resorts.

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Clark County Raises Marriage License Fee by $14

It’s $14 more expensive to get married in the wedding capital of the world.

Clark County commissioners on Tuesday approved raising the marriage license fee and putting the money toward efforts to market the Las Vegas wedding tourism industry.

The decision increases the total cost of a marriage license to $77.

The next step is for County Clerk Lynn Goya, who sought the increase, to work with the wedding industry and Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority on how best to spend the money. The plan will be submitted to county commissioners within 90 days.

It’s part of a long-term effort to preserve and grow the Las Vegas area’s reputation as the wedding capital of the world. The wedding industry brought a $2 billion economic impact to the region in 2013, and 4 percent of visitors to Las Vegas come to attend a wedding, according to the convention authority.

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Wedding Tourism in Las Vegas ‘is in trouble’

CARSON CITY — Las Vegas is losing ground as the “wedding capital of the world” as more destinations around the globe try to tap into the business of love and money.

A bill pending in the state Legislature is aimed at reversing that trend by authorizing Clark County commissioners to raise the cost of marriage licenses, with the money earmarked to promote wedding tourism.

“Wedding tourism is a core industry in Las Vegas. It’s part of our international brand,” state Sen. Ruben Kihuen told members of the Assembly Judiciary Commission during a hearing Thursday.

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Business is Brisk at Las Vegas Wedding Chapels on Valentine’s Day

At A Little White Chapel in downtown Las Vegas, owner Charolette Richards is gearing up for what she calls, “an exceptionally busy day of weddings.”

More than 100 weddings are booked this Valentine’s Day at the 64-year-old wedding chapel but Richards said she is expecting closer to 200 with drop-in traffic.

“It is recognized as the busiest day of the year in our business,” she said.

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