LVCVA and County Clerk Lynn Marie Goya launch Forever Happens Here

LVCVA and Clark County Clerk Lynn Marie Goya launch "Forever Happens Here"

With funding from Lynn Marie Goya's wedding tourism fund, the Las Vegas Visitor and Convention Bureau (LVCVA) has launched it first major national campaign devoted to weddings, Forever Happens Here. Showcasing the glamour and variety of wedding venues, locations and styles offered in Clark County, the new campaign is launching a series of short videos telling the Las Vegas wedding story.

“We’re thrilled for this new campaign as forever truly does happen here,” Clark County Clerk Lynn Marie Goya told KTNV. “We marry more destination wedding couples each year than anywhere else in the world and have so many amazing love stories to share. As we enter into our 5 millionth marriage license celebration, this campaign rings more true than ever.”




Lynn Marie Goya in the New York Times promoting Las Vegas Wedding tourism

“The Las Vegas Chapels are Open, and Waiting” — New York Times Business Section

While most other county clerks were closing their offices during the first months of COVID, Lynn Marie Goya and the wedding industry implemented strategies to keep couples safe while still allowing them the essential service of getting married. “Las Vegas weddings are open for business,” crowed the New York Times Sunday Business Section.

Las Vegas’ wedding industry has surged since County Clerk Lynn Marie Goya reopened the Marriage License Bureau in late April of 2020. When the office opened its doors after a six-week closure, couples were lined up around the block.

Yet, April 2021 had its busiest month in years, with nearly 8,000 licenses issued. In April of last year, officials gave out only 400, said Fox News. “As more and more people get vaccinated and are encouraged to travel again, we have just been bombarded. We are up over 2019 numbers which was already a really good year for us,” Lynn Goya, Clark County Clerk told KLAS News.

“”About 20% of the licenses we issue are to locals, and 80% are to tourists. Before COVID shut the international tourism down, of that 80% of tourists that come to Clark County to get married about 20 to 25% were international,” Lynn Goya, Clark County Clerk told Fox News. “Last year we only had 3% because obviously people aren’t traveling and they still aren’t traveling yet internationally.”

The $2.5 billion industry permeates the economy, Goya told NPR, supporting 18,000 jobs.

Couples flock to Las Vegas during pandemic wedding boom

Clark County Clerk Lynn Marie Goya said she thinks the pandemic may have changed how people look at being in a relationship.

“I think it made people re-evaluate what’s important to them,” Goya told US News. “One is the financial and health benefit aspect of getting married. But also, you know if something terrible happens to you, you have somebody you can trust and rely on. There’s a solidity that being single doesn’t offer.”



Latest Endorsement: Clark County Black Caucus


We are pleased to announce that you have earned endorsement from the Clark County Black Caucus in your upcoming primary election. We have attached our logo for your use in any campaign materials, however it cannot be altered and must be used in the color and design as presented here.

Also, please be advised that we will actively promote our list of endorsed candidates to the greater Clark County area in support of your primary campaign. If you do not have a primary and are on the list, we wanted to provide you with an EARLY endorsement to show our early support for your candidacy. We wish you success in your primary and hope to see you in the general election.

Please let us know if you have any questions and thank you for your willingness to serve our community.

CCBC Endorsement Recommendation Committee

Pop-up marriage license office at McCarran for Valentine’s Day (and others!)

The Clark County Clerk’s Office will temporarily open a pop-up marriage license office at McCarran International Airport from Feb. 9 to 17, to help couples obtain marriage licenses faster and easier during the busy Valentine’s Day, President’s Day and Chinese New Year holidays.

The office will be open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. from Feb. 9 through Feb. 17, and will be located in the baggage claim area in Terminal 1. The open dates also include the Chinese New Year on Feb. 16. The temporary office will only issue marriage licenses and will accept credit card payments.

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Endorsement from Congresswoman Dina A. Titus (D-Nev)

“We must also remember that as we transform our tourism industry we must not leave behind what has helped us become who we are today. That’s why I want to take a moment to mention Clark County Clerk Lynn Marie Goya. When she took office in January 2015, she immediately noticed a 37 percent drop in wedding tourism. Where some may see a dead end, Goya has been able to recognize a potential outlet. Goya has worked with the wedding industry, the LVCVA, the State Tourism Board, County Commission and the Legislature to help revive this industry. Her hard work and effort are exactly what we must do to keep bolstering our local economy. Because we are an international player and we are competing with the world. Goya certainly recognizes that.”

Congresswoman Dina A. Titus (D-Nev)