Lynn Goya is running for a second term as Clerk of Clark County to continue with the efforts she has enacted that seek to improve the efficiency of the Clerk’s office and provide the best possible services for Clark County residents and wedding tourists.
Under Lynn's leadership, the Clerk’s office saved the County $350,000 and 200,000 printed pages per year receiving several national and local awards:
Lynn is a passionate advocate for a sustainable, vibrant Nevada that promotes the health and well being of the next generation as well as today's families, business and the environment.


  • Identified a nearly 40 percent decline in wedding tourism since 2000, then secured approximately $1.1 million per year for a special fund to promote wedding tourism
  • Stabilized the number of licenses issued in 2015 & 2016
  • Worked with the LVCVA to launch a sweeping wedding-specific promotion
  • Established a public/private partnership with the wedding industry to create the Las Vegas Wedding Chamber of Commerce
  • Secured resources to digitize entire archive of the County Commission and County Board public records since 1909 and make these records searchable by the public
  • Partnered with the Nevada State Museum in Las Vegas to transfer original documents of historical merit to museum archive
  • Spearheaded pilot program with County IT to research, secure and implement long-term "cold storage" for digital permanent-record archives to ensure public records are safe; this research will be shared with counties throughout the State
  • Worked with the State Legislature to protect consumers (AB317) and to ensure wedding integrity (AB365)
“[She] deserves a ton of credit for seeking to digitalize all of her office’s records to make it easier for members of the public to find them online…Plenty of government projects aren’t worth the taxpayer money necessary to support them. Ms. Goya’s worthwhile endeavor isn’t one of them."
  Las Vegas Review Journal
"When Lynn Goya took office in 2015, she immediately noticed a 37 percent drop in wedding tourism. Goya has worked with the wedding industry, LVCVA, State Tourism Board, County Commission and Legislature to help revive this industry. Her hard work and effort are exactly what we must do to keep bolstering our local economy,”
Dina Titus, US Congresswoman 1st District Nevada

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