Lynn Marie Goya was elected to the office of Clark Coun​ty Clerk and has been in office since January 2015.

Lynn Goya works directly with the wedding industry, the LVCVA, the State Tourism Department and local businesses and government to ensure that Las Vegas remains the Wedding Capital of the World. In 2015, she was recognized as a Woman of Distinction by the National Association of Women Business Owners. In 2016, she was Alumna of the Year by Emerge Nevada.

Before becoming the County Clerk, she spent over two decades writing about Nevada as a nationally recognized free-lance journalist. Using degrees in English and Economics, she uncovered the news behind the trends in subjects as diverse as veterans’ issues, the environment, clean energy, childhood well-being, foster care and architecture and design. She received numerous awards including an Emmy-nomination for her television work.  Within the community, she has been recognized by the United Way as a leader for her work to improve the lives of Nevada’s children.

She has written for the award-winning PBS program, Outdoor Nevada, as well as in publications including Audubon, USA Today, Outside Family, Cooking Light, the Boston Globe and most Las Vegas publications. A respected Vegas expert, she’s been featured on the Travel Channel, CBS Newswatch, and State of Nevada.


  • Continue efforts to support the Las Vegas wedding industry. In 2016, the average couple spent over $30,000 on a wedding, and while Las Vegas offers far more affordable options, it can safely be estimated that the more than 80,000 weddings in Las Vegas each year contribute between $1-2 billion to the local economy.
  • Strengthen support for the members of the wedding industry in order that this important contributor to Nevada’s economy can continue to thrive. During her time as Clerk, Goya encourage the State Legislature to raise the cost of marriage licenses, creating a budget of over $1 million to be used to promote weddings in Las Vegas.

"Clark County Clerk Lynn Goya deserves a ton of credit for seeking to digitalize all of her office’s records to make it easier for members of the public to find them online."

Las Vegas Review Journal



  • Implementing a new Automatic Call Distribution system. On track to be completed by end of December, 2017.
  • Piloted a new system to replace the current records management system. Migration to the new system, Opentext, kicked off earlier this year.
  • Records management team has digitized more than twenty filing cabinets of BCC records as part of the Clerk's Office efforts to migrate from paper to electronic form.


Transferred Certificate filing and management processes form the Recorder's Office to the Clerk's Office.
  • Provided one stop customer service for wedding tourists unfamiliar with our government processes by partnering with Recorder's Office.
  • Improved customer service for Marriage related businesses. Implemented audit controls to insure officiant are adhering to filing statutes & improving minister turnaround on filing.
  • Streamlined certificate filing process- Modified the Marriage License and Marriage Certificate processes to operate more efficiently.
Begun preparing for a major system upgrade to current supported version of the system called Acclaim.

Installed three Marriage Certificate and Abstracts sales kiosks.

  • Located at Marriage Bureau, Government Center, and Tenaya branch Office
  • Improve customer service and reduce congestion at the clerks counter.

Policy revisions and adoptions (e.g., Cash Handling and Supervisor Performance Expectations).

  • Standardized cash handling policies to make them more consistent, accountable and safer for employees.
  • Standardized marriage commission ceremonies to improve customer service and satisfaction.
Implemented department wide restructuring
  • Supports the addition of marriage certificate processes, improves workflow, increases employee flexibility, clarifies chain of command and improves employee morale, while insuring proper checks and balances are maintained.
Documented processes in Step by step checklists and job aids to reduce errors and improve efficiencies.
  • Check lists and job aids improve standardization in processes.
  • Implemented a formal training program for new hires including an individualized notebook with policies, procedures, job aids and check lists for each required service provided by the Clerk's Office to reduce the cost of hiring and training replacements.
Moved the Government Center 1st Floor customer service counter to a new location to support added services including marriage certificate filing and to accommodate other department's needs

Implemented escrow accounts to provide our bulk customers with more efficient service

Migrated Clerk's Office from the Am Cad system to the Harris based On Core system.
  • Modification of all of the Clerk's processes allowed us to look closely at all of our processes and training material to standardize the functions.

Implemented a credit card system for face to face and online transactions.

  • Credit cards allow us to operate a 24/7 marriage certificate sales website which provides best in practice customer service for our worldwide customers.
  • Reduced our cash intake by half in the Clerk's Office.
  • Ended cash transactions in the Marriage Commission to improve safety for our employees and eliminate the Loomis currier route.
Implemented mobile and web based customer service programs to improve customer service and office efficiency. 
  • Created a simple and direct uri address, MLIC.VEGAS, to make it easy for customers to purchase a marriage license or certificate. Created a QR code that we provide to chapels and wedding venues to place on their printed material. The QR code provides a direct link to our marriage web page.
  • Created a responsive designed online marriage application form to allow customers to apply for a marriage license. Customers can apply using the smartphones, tablets and laptops. Approximately 80% of our customers use the online application, reducing our paper costs by 1,200 lbs/year & a minimum savings of 1,334 hours.
Implemented online appointment scheduling to facilitate passport application acceptance at the Government Center
  • Allows Office to better manage workload while still providing approximately 500 more passports filing than previous year.